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June 26, 2009

Just Awesome

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Everyone knows that basketball players are generally the most stylish athletes out there and I guess Yahoo! Sports felt the same because they just posted this article on the Best and Worst Dressed of the 2009 NBA Draft

The above is Jonny Flynn, the #6 draft pick by the Minnesota Timberwolves. He didn’t win “Best Dressed,” but rather the “Just Awesome” award. He was personally my favorite of all the players mentioned in the article. I love the dusty pink color with the grey and are those tab front pants? Tres chic! Bonus points for the coordinating pocket square. I just feel like his tie could have been a smidge longer. I don’t really know about ties, but don’t they usually reach your waistband? Maybe it’s because he’s tall? lol

This article just got me thinking…what other well-dressed athletes are there?


Ah Roger Federer. It’s kind of unfair because he’s like Anna Wintour’s little protégée, but LOOK AT HIM! He has a really relaxed style, but put together style and he never looks like he’s trying too hard. I also like his his hair. It just looks like it’s so soft and shiny and I bet it smells nice. 


What list of well dressed athletes would be complete without David Beckham. God he is so hot. And I just loves me a man scarf, especially when paired with a velvety moss green jacket. Yum!


Dwyane Wade has it going on! It’s hard to pull off a light colored suit and a hat without looking like a Colombian drug lord (do they only dress like that in my mind, chomping on a huge cigar?), but DWade does it with finesse. 

I’m sure there are loads more people I could mention, but I don’t feel like thinking or looking for more pictures right now. Who do you guys think are some stylin’ sports stars?


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