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July 28, 2009

Sorry I’ve been MIA…

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But I’ve quite literally been in MIA, Miami, or the vicinity anyway. 

Just stop right there – don’t be jealous – it was for work. And let me tell you, traveling for work is NOT fun. 

First of all, preparing for one of these meetings takes days (if not weeks) and hundreds of sheets of paper. You then file these sheets of paper into a binder which will hopefully contain every bit of information on your business in the case that you get called out. Since I’m not an account manager, I have yet to “get called out,” but the fear is in me, so I pack a mega-binder and haul it along with me. Said mega-binder often times makes my carry-on wheely suitcase so heavy, that it is impossible for anyone, but an Olympic weightlifter to manhandle that thing into the overhead bin. This is where American Airlines gets to make an additional $15 off of me (or my company really) with their incredibly ridiculous checked baggage policy. Honestly, $15 for your first checked bag?? Cheap asses. Wow, I wonder why the overhead bins are so jam packed all the time??

Anyway, this post was not meant to be a rant against AA. I actually forgot what the real purpose was, but whatever. Well, I guess the point is that I’m home and happy to be back. Yes there were afternoons at the spa, catered dinners, dancing, a lazy river, a water slide, free gifts, open bars, and video games, but it was work after all and I’m glad to be home 🙂


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