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July 31, 2009

Fried Stuff in Jars

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MMM I love fried things in jars. Case in point, those fried red onion I picked up a few weeks ago at the 99 Ranch Market. Frau Zaftig mentioned the existence of fried garlic, so I made a mental note to pick some up the next time I was there. That happened to be today and I happily drove home thinking of all the deliciousness that would result from that little red jar. Then I noticed something odd… do you see it?


(Please excuse my bling-y watch) No? Still can’t see it? Let’s take a closer look…


Okay, that probably didn’t help all that much because the picture is blurry, so let me spell it out for you. It says FLIED GARLIC. FLIED!! Japanglish at its best. Or technically in this case, Vietglish. I hope there aren’t any flies in this jar and only  fried deliciousness.

Speaking of Japanglish, I look forward to searching Tokyo for many more examples of it when I am there in October. Woot woot!


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  1. Garlic – flied or otherwise – just makes everything taste better 🙂

    You’re going to Tokyo??? Take me with yooooou!!!

    Comment by Frau Zaftig — September 3, 2009 @ 11:11 AM

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