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November 14, 2009

Drooling Over… Payless??

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So I have a big Japan post coming up soon. Honestly, I do. Yes vacation was over 3 weeks ago and fast becoming a distant memory, but I still want to share some pics at the very least.

Right now however, I am obsessing over boots. No surprise there, I’m constantly obsessing over boots. In fact I got an awesome pair of over the knee boots in Japan and hopefully I will start doing some outfit posts. Anyway, I just saw these Alice & Olivia for Payless boots in Marie Claire and thought they were super adorable.


What do you guys think? I need something that is kinda tougher. Something either like these or maybe studded Doc Martens (like the See by Chloe ones)? I had a pair of Doc Martens in jr high (yes, when grunge was in the FIRST time) and they didn’t seem very compatible with my feet. You see I have a high instep and when I laced them up they were on the tight side and they’d leave sock indentations on my feet which itched like crazy. Weird right? Maybe this time I’ll wear them looser and maybe folded over?

Have you ever bought shoes at Payless? I can be a total shoe snob (thanks Mom!), but I bought shoes at Payless once – in elementary school. Actually I think I got 2 pairs and I really loved them. I remember a girl in my class was wearing these really cute shoes and I asked her where she got them and she said Payless. So I made my mom take me there and shoes were like buy 1 get 1 half off or something so I ended up with 2 pairs. They were both really comfortable, but they eventually wore out. I did wear them constantly though.  Maybe it’s time to give Payless another chance.

Check out these other boots I’m totally digging…

48143_in_l 48692_in_l

The 2 pairs above are Jimmy Choo and cost approximately 100 million times more, but I do have my 4th quarter bonus and profit sharing bonus coming up…


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