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November 15, 2009

I Swear This is Not the Boot Blog

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But… I started thinking – what if someone wants to buy me a Christmas present, but doesn’t know what to get me so they go to my blog for inspiration and it smacks them right in the face. In that case, I’d better put up more pictures of stuff that I want. I really want, no NEED, a pair of grey boots. I love grey, I love boots. A match made in heaven. I’m not sure if I want suede booties or knee high leather, so why not get both? Here are my top picks


Ugh, I couldn’t find a bigger picture. But these are Prada and available on as well as at Barney’s.


I love love LOVE these! I would kill for them. Like, literally. Does anyone need a hitwoman? I found them at first on the Coach website, but now they are mysteriously gone. I hope they’re not sold out. I also saw them at Macy’s but on in black. I guess I’ll have to go check out the Coach store.


Here are those See by Chloe boots I mentioned yesterday. Now that I see them again, they’re kind of a mix of my 7th grade Doc Martens and the new boots I got in Japan. hmmm

And finally, these aren’t boots, but they are hot


Manolo Blahnik Ankle Cuff D’Orsays. God, those are so me. It’s not even funny. Available at Bergdorf’s.


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